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"draw with me" Drawwi10

The boy stands there in a world with no other people. He looks around and all he see’s is a big glass wall that shows a mirror reflection of the world around him.
Nothing, there is nothing in sight. There is only his reflection in the glass wall…and on the other side of the glass wall, stands a girl… The girl seems to be in the same situation, she sits beside the glass wall hugging her knees staring blankly into nothingness.

The boy approaches the wall and knocks on it. The girl seems not to hear the knock. He starts to shout now…still no sign of reaction from the girl. He sighs and looks down with defeat. The girl finally see’s the boy. She stands up and looks at him. He looks up and smiles to see that the girl has noticed him. He starts to talk: but on other side of the wall there is no sound of his voice. She makes a gesture to him showing she cannot hear him. The boy frowns and thinks: if she can’t hear me…how am I supposed to talk to her? The boy gets the idea of writing on the wall. He pulls out a black marker and writes on the wall. The girl tilts her head and makes a gesture showing she can’t understand what he is writing. He looks at the writing from his side and thinks that it looks fine to him, why can’t she read it? The boy suddenly realizes that his writing is backwards to her. He laughs to himself and scratches out his writing; he starts to write backwards with a slight smile.
“Can you write?”
The girl smiles and pulls out a marker also, she starts writing:
“Of course, duh!”
The boys smiles and continues:
“Haha, alright. Can you draw?”
The girl reads it and gets a very happy look on her face, and then she writes:
“Yes” She draws a girl figure on the wall. It appears to be an altered figure of the girl with a super model body.
The boy frowns and writes:
“You don’t even look like that…there is no reason to lie, you look beautiful just the way you are!” He draws what she really looks like next to her drawing, and then writes the word “perfect” next to the one that looks most like the girl.
The girl blushes and writes:
“You really think so?”
“Yes, I like the way you are”
“But you don’t know me, you just met me… how can you just say that?”
The boy sits there and looks at the girl for a long while, then writes:
“I know I just met you, but it feels like I know everything about you. Because it looks to me like your all alone, no one to talk to, no one to love you. Just you…and this wall”
“Wow, you do know me.”
“Of course I do, you’re just like me!”
The girl smiles and look to the boy, and then writes:
“But I’m not alone.”
“Your not?”
“No, I’m with you silly…”
The boy looks to the girl with a very open face, and then writes:
“No, I guess your not…”
“And as long as you don’t leave me, I won’t ever be.”
The boys looks to the girl as the girl is giving him a very happy face, the boy smiles back and nods his head, then he starts to write:
“Then I won’t leave you. I don’t want you to be alone; it seems to me that you want to be with someone”
“Would you really do that?”
“Yes, I would.”
The girl starts to cry with a smile on her face and the boy starts to get worried and quickly writes:
“What’s wrong? Was it something I said? If it was I’m sorry!”
The girl shakes her head and wipes her tears from her face and writes back:
“Nothing is wrong, I’m happy that someone is here with me, I’m happy that you are with me.”
“I’ll always be with you, I promise…”

As day goes by they never leave the glass wall from each other. They continue to write back and forth and draw many new pictures for each other enjoyment.
“Today is my birthday” The girl writes
“It is!? I didn’t know!” The boy draws a sad face.
“I didn’t expect you to know, I’m just telling you!”
“Yeah, well you should have given me heads up; I would have got you something!”
The girl frowns a bit and writes:
“You wouldn’t have to get me anything!”
“Yes I do! It your birthday! You have to get what you want!”
The girl looks down and starts to talk. The boy then writes:
“What? I can’t hear you…Remember?”
The girl looks at the writing and then starts to blush. She then writes:
“Oh, sorry…I forgot.”
“What did you say?”
“Don’t worry about it…”
“Please, I would like to know!” He draws a smile face then.
The girl then draws a flower with a smiley face on it then writes:
“It was nothing I promise!”
The boy looks to the girl with a frown and nods his head then writes:
“Alright…I believe you….”
The girl frowns then starts to write “I was going to say, I want to be with you” when she see’s the boy drawing a huge birthday cake with many candles on it. Around the cake were many presents and in the corner of it all was a drawing of a boy and a girl holding hands. The girl scribbles out what she was writing and then writes:
“What is all that for?”
“Your birthday! Everyone needs cake and presents on there birthday, silly!”
The girl looks at the amazing drawing of the cake, the boy has very nice details in his drawing skills, and she thinks that she could spend all eternity just watching him draw, and that would just make her happy.
“Make a wish and blow out the candles!” The boy writes with a big smile on his face
The girl smiles and shakes her head and makes a blowing motion on the glass. The boy claps his hands and then writes:
“What did you wish for?”
The girl then looks to the writing of where she scribbled out: “I want to be with you.” Then writes:
“I can’t tell you, it wouldn’t come true!”
The boy laughs and writes:
“Haha! Your right, forget that I even said that!”
The girl reads that as the boy scribbles out “what did you wish for?” The boy then writes:
“Time to open the presents!”
“How am I going to? There not real?”
“What are you talking about? Sure there real!”
The girl smiles and walks over to the drawing of the presents and writes:
“How do I open them?”
The boy smiles and then starts drawing boxes that are open, and beside them would be many different objects like a teddy bear, ice cream. Many cute and random things. The girl smiles and writes:
“Thank you! There just what I wanted!”
The boy blushes and writes:
“You don’t have to say that...”
“No, no, no! I’m serious! This is the best birthday ever! I’m not alone!” Then draws a happy girl hugging a boy. The boy smiles and nods his head.

Many days go on and many drawing and conversations go on the glass wall. They always have things to talk about and to draw about. But one day the girl looks at the boy and noticed that he only has one arm. She is a little taken back from it because she had not noticed it before. She then writes:
“What happened to your arm?”
The boy looks to the arm in which he is drawing with and then writes:
“What are you talking about? My arm is fine.”
“No, didn’t you have two arms?”
The boy frowns and stops drawing. He looks down and sighs and looks back up to her and writes:
“I only have one arm; I was born like that…”
“Oh…I’m sorry…that was rude of me.”
“No, it’s alright you didn’t know!”
The boy sets his hand onto the glass and looks down. The girl looks at his hand and sets her hand to where his hand is. The boy looks up and frowns and then takes his hand back and picks up the marker to write:
“It feels cold…”
The girl looks down and frowns….
So does the boy….
They sit there in silence for a long while then; finally the boy looks up and writes:
“I want to be with you…”
The girl looks up and smiles then writes:
“You are with me.”
They sit there for a long while again. The girl frowns then and writes:
“Only….There is a glass between us”
The boy gets mad and throws his marker to the ground and stands up and starts to punch the glass wall with his only hand. The girl stands up and starts to scream for him to stop. The boy ignores the girl and continues to punch the wall. The girl quickly writes:
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? STOP! YOU’RE GOING TO HURT YOUR ARM! PLEASE STOP! I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET HURT!” The girl keeps writing and starts to cry. The boy continues to punch the wall and starts to cry. By the look on the boys face the girl can tell that the boy is in a lot of pain. The girl writes:
“Please….for the love of god….please….stop….”

When she was writing that last line she hears a sharp noise. She looks up and she see’s that there is a huge crack in the glass. There is blood all around the glass and she looks to the boy with horror in her eyes. The boy makes a “move” motion and she nods and moves away from the wall as fast as she could. The boy prepares himself for one last blow to the wall. He breaths in. Thinks to himself: This is it…I’m finally going to be with her… then I can tell her how much I love her…
The boy swiftly sends his fist through the glass wall with all the force and strength he has left.
The sound of glass fills the whole world at that moment. The boy’s fist broke through the glass. The girl looks to the fist that has made a hole to the wall and starts to reach for it. The boy is crying from all the pain he is in the girl is about to touch the hand when all the glass shards send back into the air and start reforming themselves back to where they originally where on the wall. The glass is going so fast that it starts cutting the boys hand even more then before. The boy screams and pulls his hand back. The girl Covers her eyes and also screams. The glass wall reforms itself back to its natural state. It was as if the boy never even hit the glass. The boy falls to the ground and lays there in defeat has his hand continues to bleed. The girl stays there and constantly tries to get the boys attention. The boy finally stands up after a long day of rest and walks away from the glass wall.

The girl writes on the wall:
“Where are you going!?”
She pounds on the wall trying to get his attention.
The boy continues to walk away and gets so far that he cannot be seen from a distance. The girl lies down on the ground and starts to cry. Yelling for the boy to come back.
Many days go by and the boy does not return. But the girl still remains by the wall waiting for the boy.
One day the boy does return to the wall and sits down. His arm is much damaged and it is obvious that he cannot use it much. The girl writes:
“Are you alright?”
The boy just looks down and nods his head. The girl then writes:
“Wanna draw?”
The boy makes a gesture showing that he cannot use his hand to draw anymore. The boy stands up and walks away one last time.

The next day he comes back and the girl is still sitting there but this time she has a cape covering half of her body. The boy walks up and the girl smiles and points down. The boy looks shocked to find a box on his side of the glass and above the box says: “for you.”
The boy opens the box with what strength he has in his arm. He looks in side and looks up in horror at the girl. The girl smiles and removes the cape showing that her arm is missing. He looks back down to the box he had opened to find that its her arm in the box. He looks up one last time and the girl writes:

“Draw with me.”
wes is vocaloid
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That's.. SO CUTE. ;-;

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